Cast: Nicollette Sheridan (Desperate Housewives), Dan Payne (A Mother’s Suspicion, The Good Witch, Cradle of Lies), Jayne Eastwood (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Chicago, Hairspray)

Director: Monika Mitchell (Ties That Bind, Sugarbabies, Mother of All Lies)

Executive Producer: Francisco J. González (A Princess for Christmas, TalHotBlond), Alexandre Coscas (The Package, The Christmas Spirit), Nicollette Sheridan (The Christmas Spirit)

Synopsis: Cass (Nicollette Sheridan), a high-powered attorney and single mother of two, is on the hunt for a new nanny after her precocious kids ran off the last one. Meet Matthew (Dan Payne), a world traveler who cannot settle down, until his father challenges him to plant roots as part of a bet. To prove to his father wrong and win the bet, Matthew interviews for a job as a nanny for a tough client — Cass. Cass refuses to hire him as her manny, but is forced to when she can’t find anyone else to take the job. Matthew wins over the hearts of her kids — and eventually the boss. But all can be lost when Cass finds out the real reason Matthew took on the job in the first place. 

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama