Cast: Debbie Gibson (The Music in Me), Robert Gant (Supergirl, Queer as Folk)

Director: Mike Rohl (Smallville, The Bridge)

Synopsis: Debbie Taylor (Debbie Gibson) is a former pop star planning a huge comeback to the music industry. But her world comes crashing down when her record label abruptly drops her. Out of money, she leaves the big city to move in with her sister, a high school assistant principal living with her husband and daughter in a small town. She reluctantly agrees to substitute for the local high school music teacher, and soon starts having a change of heart when she is introduced to a lovable group of teenage misfits preparing to perform at their upcoming prom. Adding charm to Debbie’s new life is Noah (Robert Gan), the school’s quirky counselor who shows her the ropes. But unbeknown to Debbie, her mentoring will lead to her biggest comeback yet. Now Debbie has to decide if she wants to go back to the glamour of show business, leaving her students and a new romance behind her.

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama