Cast: Rachael Leigh Cook (She is All That, Psych, Perception), Lucas Bryant (Haven), Travis Milne (Rookie Blue)

Director: Lynne Stopkewich (Temporarily Yours, The Firm, Rookie Blue)

Synopsis: Maya Sulliway (Rachel Leigh Cook) goes back to college to finish her degree in accounting. To earn the credits she needs to graduate, she must accept an internship at a prestigious tech company known for their superior work in making social media apps. Once she arrives, she meets Colin, the no-nonsense and demanding Chief Financial Officer of the company. On the other hand, Will, the Chief Executive Officer, is laid back, and seems to be taken with Maya right away. The transition from accounting to the cutthroat world of technology is not necessarily an easy one since Maya literally knows nothing about social media apps. Complicating things further, the two executives develop deep feelings for Maya and begin competing against each other for her love. But a betrayal will fuel Maya to become an app expert during the digital age, while finding love — the old-fashioned way.

Genre: Romantic Comedy