Cast: Jennifer Finnigan (Tyrant, Wedding for One, Close to Home, The Bold and the Beautiful), Jonathan Scarfe (Van Helsing, Love on the Air), Tahmoh Penikett (Man of Steel, Dolhouse, Battlestar Galactiva)

Director: Ron Oliver (Beethoven's Treasure Tail, Recipe for Love)

Executive Producer: Howard Braunstein (Ice Castles, The Informant!, The Client List)

Synopsis: Owen Nichols carved a wooden Christmas Angel for a mysterious woman he loved, and now, that family heirloom has been passed down from generation to generation making it’s way into the hands of Susan Nichols, a copy writer for the New York Courier.  Susan gets her big break when her boss gives her the opportunity to write a feature article for the Christmas Day edition of their paper.  Susan’s muse — her family's Christmas Angel.  By unlocking the mystery and secrets of her great-great-grandfather’s past, she will find true love in her own life.

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama, Christmas

COMPLETED Romantic Comedy, Drama, Christmas